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CARIFER Technologies


IT Management

✔  Powerful IT infrastructure is a must for a modern enterprise. Keeping all these services running and secure is called IT service management is as important as it’s setup.

✔  Carifer has highly experienced technical support team ready for tasks of any difficulty including all kinds of configuration and remote administration of both hardware and applications, deployments and scripting.

✔  We work both, with free and paid software solutions, giving priority to free software where possible. This greatly cuts down expenses when working on infrastructure management projects.

IT support for Business

Our on-call support services have guaranteed response times and SLA’s. Feel secure knowing that no matter the issue, big or small, Carifer is here to help you through it and resolve the issue. Discuss with our staff to learn more about our support services.

End-User Services

We have a range of scalable and managed services for end user computing. Our streamlined approach for deployment aims to get your staff working sooner, and our flexible bundle options can be customised for businesses of any size.

Server Management

We offer a range of services and support for Windows and Linux Servers. Our four step process helps to mitigate risk and empower you with your system: Build, Deploy, Migrate, Operate – this allows us to know your infrastructure inside and out, ready to assist if issues arise.

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