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Testing & Quality Assurance

QA Services

Starting from the very beginning, even while planning the new development, you need to have a reliable QA team to create a set of tests, carry them out and record the results to ensure that your product will be released as good as possible, Compatibility tests, acceptance testing, usability testing, internationalization and localization tests – these are just first steps that your QA team needs to take to ensure that your software will be released successfully. Adding new features, you need to make sure that your current functionality remains unhurt and that’s where you need your QA team again to create and perform smoke and sanity tests, regression testing, etc.

Seasoned engineers

The right mix of product development, testing, and years of performance testing and capacity management experienc

Client’s requirements and specifications

Managed services with respect to clients’ requirements and specifications to provide cost-cutting and time-saving testing

Automation Test Labs

Simulating real-world scenarions from different geographies with minimal cost for clients and investments by them

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